Top 5 Gas-saving iPhone Apps

July 21, 2008

Earth2Techv lists 5 iPhone apps that can save you gas. Sure, the Kiwi can help a lot but if you’re an iPhone user, ‘green’ apps can be way more useful. Here’s a list of gas-saving iPhone apps according to Earth2Techv:

MPG. Tracks mileage and spits out slick graphs and quick comparisons of performance. Hypermilers, enjoy. Made by Appigo. 99 cents.

CarStat. Even less powerful and less slick MPG. This one does, however, track fuel costs and multiple cars but charges you a dollar more. Made by Stephen Blessing. $1.99

GasHog. A less slick-looking MPG. No graphs. 99 cents

FuelGage. multiple vehicles and trip totals, good for splitting gas costs. Made by Joseph Kueser. 99 cents

WHERE. GPS and GasBuddy work together to get you gas prices from the nearest stations. Made by uLocate Communications. Free.


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