[NewTeeVee Live] The secret to Hulu’s success

November 14, 2008

Hulu by you.Jason Kilar, the CEO of Hulu, the world’s favourite online studio, says that the secret behind Hulu’s success is that they are obsessed with quality and perfection. He said that the team works on every font, every pixel, and every thing that can make the customers’ experience perfect.

He stated that considering 12.6 billion was the number of video streams in the U.S. in September according to ComScore, which is enormous considered what the number was just 6 months back, this is definitely a big deal. He said that their key strategy was to make it easier and clutter-free for customers to view videos online, thanks to which they consume a lot more.

As for whether Hulu’s strategy is succesful, that is evident in the numbers that the company is rolling in since its launch 8 months back. Twelve million monthly users, and an estimated 145 million monthly video streams, Huly definitely knows how to make business on the web. PC World Magazine named Hulu No. 1 product of 2008, and TIME Magazine rated Hulu among the Top 5 inventions of 2008.


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