iPhone 3G charger melted and burned

March 5, 2009

I remember my MacBook charger just melting for unknown reason. I searched for similar cases and found out that other MacBook users also had their chargers burned but also replaced by Apple. So an iPhone charger burning doesn’t surprise me at all.

But still, it’s frustrating to know that a company like Apple could do such flaw. A PowerBook exploding is bad enough and now this unfortunate incident experienced by Tim Colbourne, an Italian blogger.

Tim was charging his iPhone 3G and caught fire after three hours. I think that at some point, he’s to blame because he left the charger plugged that long. iPhone 3G chargers are fast-charging so an hour is enough to fully charge the phone. Sure, a charger shouldn’t be exploding but anyone must not leave his or her charger beyond the usual time.

On the other hand, Apple must look into this situation. I am certain that isn’t an isolated case in the world because I know how Apple products can heat up, the iPhone 3G charger included. Now, I’d like to hear what Steve Jobs will say about this? Hmmm…how is he anyway?


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Comments (5)

  1. Jeremy says:

    Just had the same thing happen to my usb, luckily Apple is sending a new one. Funny thing though, they said “we haven’t ever heard of this happening”…….sure!

  2. Laura says:

    just browsing the web because my charger has melted in my iphone too, looks exactly the same as the picture shown, only had it 3 months, not happy :-(

  3. Ken says:

    Just happened to me too .. had phone for a month , now looks just like this picture .. funny they told me they have never seen it happen too

  4. tms1001 says:


  5. Michelle says:

    Had my iPhone charger smoke and melt. I took it into an apple store and they quickly pulled me to the side. The first gentleman helping me went and showed the USB to what appeared to be a manager. They exchanged a few words. The manager then manuvered me to a station off in the corner and opened two boxes containing new USB cabels. He handed them to me and refused to return the USB cable I had brougt in. I requested to keep the USB I had brought in and he asked if I would be interested in a complementary case along with the USB cabel(s). Guess they’re aware of the issue

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