Contract Violation: Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile blocks Skype for iPhone in Germany

April 3, 2009

Skype for iPhone - Apple iPhone by techfever.No kidding: Deutsche Telekom’s mobile phone subsidiary T-Mobile has banned the popular iPhone App from the Apple iPhone. The official reason: The VoIP-App would “slow down T-Mobile’s network”.

“iPhone contracts from T-Mobile have blocked voice-over-Internet programs, or VoIP, since 2007 and this includes the Skype for iPhone application”, says a T-Mobile spokesperson and further explains that “such programs could slow down T-Mobile’s network”.

The bottomline: T-Mobile fears a cannibalization of its core business from free VoIP calls over Skype on Apple iPhones. But not just iPhones: T-Mobile also blocks the Skype app for Blackberry users.

And well, what else can I say, guys. Germans are very special, in various ways: We have great food (lol) plus complicated telcos with practically no idea of what is going on on the web and in the mobile space …


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