TechMediaWatch August 28: Dell, Facebook, Forrester, Wikipedia, Nokia

August 28, 2009

Dell Beats Forecasts, Then Surges
The better-than-expected performance caused Dell’s stock price to surge nearly 7 percent during the final minutes of trading. (NYT)+++

Facebook Moves to Improve Privacy
Facebook’s privacy changes, made in response to Canada’s privacy commissioner, could have the biggest impact on outside Facebook application developers. (NYT)+++

Ex-Forrester Analysts Resurface at Consulting Firm
Three former star Forrester analysts are now partners at Altimeter Group, a consulting firm helping companies use new technologies. (NYT)+++

Politics Intrudes at Wikipedia Conference
Richard Stallman, a free-software activist, says the Spanish-language version of Wikipedia is biased against left-wing causes. (NYT)+++

Is Google Entering the Mortgage Quote Business?
LendingTree claims that Google is about to encroach into its core business of providing conditional loan offers to customers online. (NYT)+++

Europe Seeks to Ease Rules for Putting Books Online
The changes would be aimed at allowing Internet users to access out-of-print works or ones where the author cannot be found. (NYT)+++

Italian Regulators Investigating Google
Publishers have complained that the company was denying them a fair share of online advertising revenue. (NYT)+++

Data Deluge Swamps Science Historians
Usually, historians are hard-pressed to find source material about those who have shaped civilization. In the Internet era, scholars might have too much.(WSJ)+++

Dell Profit Falls 23% on Lower Sales
Dell’s earnings dropped 23% on weaker sales and price pressure. The PC giant said business spending on PCs won’t likely pick up until next year. (WSJ)+++Oregon Pins Hopes on Clean Tech
Oregon, facing the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the nation, has stepped up its campaign to lure clean-technology companies in an effort to pull itself out of the recession.(WSJ)+++
Nokia to Use Linux in New Smart Phone
Nokia said it will sell its first smart phone based on Linux-based software, a move the handset giant hopes will allow it to take share from Apple’s iPhone.(WSJ)+++
BOE to Build Beijing LCD Plant
BOE Technology will lead a consortium investing about $4.1 billion to build an advanced liquid-crystal-display factory in Beijing.(WSJ)+++

Inquiries into wireless market

The FCC is looking at the wireless industry, potentially the first step toward more regulations intended to push down prices and increase choices for consumers. (SFC)+++Your eavesdropping cell phone
It may be impossible to defend cell phones against being used as bugs because it is difficult to tell legitimate apps from abusive ones, researchers say. (SFC)+++

Suit over border laptop search
The ACLU has filed a lawsuit demanding that the border patrol release details of its policy that allows the agency to search travelers’ laptops at U.S. borders. (SFC)+++

Social networking grows up
Companies can target people over the age of 34 with media campaigns that leverage social networks as that age group has become the largest segment using social media, a new study says. (SFC)+++

Accidental data charges costly
Verizon Wireless is looking into ways to prevent subscribers without data plans from accidentally starting the browser on their phones and racking up $1.99 each time. (SFC)+++

TiVo sues over DVR patents

TiVo Inc. sued AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. for patent infringement, including one covering the ability to pause and rewind live TV.(SFC)+++

Robots + virtual worlds = Robini-i
The problem with robots is that they tend to do the same thing over and over. That’s great if it’s a robot that builds cars but boring if it’s a toy.(LAT)+++Microsoft whacks $100 off the price of Xbox 360 Elite [Updated]
The console price war is heating up as prices start heading down. Microsoft today said it will slash $100 off the price of its Xbox 360 Elite game console and is phasing out its Xbox 360 Pro console.(LAT)+++

First look: Facebook 3.0 for iPhone is here
Apple has finally released the much-anticipated updated version of the Facebook application for the iPhone. The version 3.0 app is a major upgrade.(DFP)+++

Facebook knows too much, ACLU says in warning of quizzes
The ACLU of Northern California is employing a cautionary Facebook quiz to illustrate how quizzes that may seem “perfectly harmless” can release an array of data to the wider world — including users’ “sexual orientation, photos, events, notes, wall posts, and groups.” (SV)+++

Masters of multitasking fall short in Stanford study
Researchers say high-tech task jugglers cannot pay attention as well as those who do one job at a time. (SV)+++

Apple’s Snow Leopard makes tracks
special coverage
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard brings a host of updates. Keep an eye here for the latest news, plus a full review, tips, slideshows, and videos. (CNET)+++

YouTube’s first celebs: Where are they now?
From Bowiechick to dancing Matt Harding, they became overnight Web stars. Some are still at it. Others moved on to new, related ventures. (CNET)+++

Shuttle launch delayed again by valve glitch
NASA managers order yet another launch delay for the shuttle Discovery to make sure a suspect valve in the ship’s engine compartment will work properly during fueling. (CNET)+++

Dell reports lower earnings, but beats the Street
Company still betting on 2010 for an enterprise “refresh cycle,” while sales begin to show some stabilization. Dell also confirms it’s working with China Mobile. (CNET)+++

Microsoft’s agency sued over Bing TV advertising
A company called Denizen is suing JWT and holding company WPP, claiming that Microsoft’s ad agency thieved its patented idea for product placement ads in TV shows and used it for Bing. (CNET)+++

Insiders question label deal for Pirate Bay bidder
Just as the press began eying Global Gaming Factory with suspicion, it came up with funding, a potential record deal and potential buyers. How much of that was real? (CNET)+++

How the Wright brothers landed an Army deal
1909, the U.S. government paid $30,000 for a Wright Flyer, and Signal Corps Airplane No. 1 thus became the world’s first military airplane. (CNET)+++

Apple gets higher profile in HTML standardization
The group standardizing the fast-changing language of Web pages now has three leaders, and an Apple manager occupies the new seat. (CNET)+++

Google could be adding mortgage info soon
A lawsuit between LendingTree and one of its technology providers has revealed that Google is also interested in using the latter’s tech to offer mortgage information. (CNET)+++

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