[TechMediaWatch] September 24: Apple, IDF, Starbucks, NameDrop, HP,Google

September 24, 2009

Unsatisfying Displays on Widget Frames From H.P. and Toshiba
Two companies introduce frames that display photos, play music and show off widgets. The design of one frame is overthought, the other is underthought. (NYT)+++

Before Choosing an E-Book, Pondering the Format
A variety of software is making it possible to read a book on a diversity of hardware, and to even tinker with the typeface.(NYT)+++

A Wi-Fi Alternative When the Network Gets Clogged
AT&T said that customers with a Windows Mobile phone would be able to connect freely at 20,000 Wi-Fi hot spots.(NYT)+++

Apple Gets O.K. to Block Palm From iTunes
Palm receives a response to its complaint about Apple’s restrictions on its iTunes software — though it was not the answer the company was hoping for.(NYT)+++

Starbucks Turns an iPhone Screen into a Gift Card
The coffee chain is testing an iPhone app that not only locates the nearest Starbucks cafe, but also turns the iPhone screen into a barcode that can be used to buy coffee.(NYT)+++

Google Unveils Tool to Annotate Web Sites
Google releases a service that allows users to post notes that can be seen by others alongside any Web site.(NYT)+++

Perot Employee Charged With Insider Trades
The SEC accused an employee of H. Ross Perot’s investment firm with insider trading based on his alleged knowledge of Dell’s planned takeover of Perot Systems. (WSJ)+++

H-P Wields Clout to Undercut Rivals
H-P is using the dismal technology market to bolster its position as the world’s largest PC maker, with moves like selling cut-rate laptops for $298 at Wal-Mart.(WSJ)+++

South Korea to Allow iPhone
South Korea decided to allow the sale of Apple’s iPhone, a move that may crack open one of the world’s most closed and expensive markets for cellphones.(WSJ)+++

EU Approves Polish Aid for Dell Plant
The European Commission approved an $80.7 million aid package from Poland for Dell to build a manufacturing plant in the country. (WSJ)+++

NameDrop, a celebrity social network, wants to sell the real thing
In Hollywood, we’ve all been trained to salivate at the sight of that red velvet rope that separates the A-listers from, well, everyone else.(LAT)+++

Yahoo looks to improve search experience
Yahoo’s decision to focus on the “front-end” human experience of search provides a window into its strategy in its heavily criticized search partnership with Microsoft. (SV)+++

IDF 2009: Intel plays to its strengths
At the annual developer forum, Intel shows off what it can do with silicon and what to expect from systems built around its chips. (CNET)+++

Time for Demo to change–a lot
CNET’s Rafe Needleman loves the Demo confab but says it needs to adapt to the times. He offers some suggestions on how to do that. (CNET)+++

Facebook wastes no time putting FriendFeed to work
The newly acquired start-up has become the face (pun intended) of not just Facebook’s further development of real-time streaming technology but also its forays into the open-source community.(CNET)+++

Nintendo drops Wii price to $199
Nintendo officially announces that the game console is getting a $50 price cut as of Sunday.(CNET)+++

Microsoft’s ‘Pink’ emerges from Danger’s shadow
Microsoft’s top-secret cell phone project is coming closer to fruition, though sources tell CNET News that the software maker still isn’t looking to get into the handset business itself.(CNET)+++

Baidu CEO touts growth of China’s search engine
Robin Li tells Stanford students to embrace tough decisions when running a start-up company in a discussion that centered on entrepreneurship in the tough Chinese market.(CNET)+++

Revenue up, but Red Hat needs more JBoss focus
Company churns out another impressive quarter, with revenue rising 12 percent, but it may need to invest more in its middleware business to ensure future growth.(CNET)+++

Report: Nokia gobbles up Dopplr
TechCrunch reports the social travel site is being acquired by the struggling cell phone giant for a price of between $15 million and $22 million.(CNET)+++

Microsoft to open Windows cafe in Paris
The software maker tells CNET News that the venue is meant to let people sip an espresso while checking out the latest tech from Redmond.(CNET)+++

Report: Deutsche Telekom looks for 4G partners in U.S.
Bloomberg News says the German phone giant is in talks with Clearwire and MetroPCS to gain access to their 4G wireless networks.(CNET)+++

Accounting rule change approved by FASB
The change allows companies like Apple to recognize revenue much faster.(CNET)+++

Gartner: PC sales to recover slightly by year’s end
Demand isn’t as dire as originally forecast; sales will be down just 2 percent for the year.(CNET)+++

Appeals court weighs Word injunction
Microsoft is hoping to overturn a ruling that versions of Word infringe on a patent held by Canada’s I4i. It also faces $200 million in damages and an injunction.(CNET)+++

Eisenberg, Timberlake cast in Facebook movie
In “The Social Network,” “Adventureland” star Jesse Eisenberg will play Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and pop star Justin Timberlake will play entrepreneur Sean Parker.(CNET)+++

Google Toolbar adds comments with Sidewiki
Moderation may be tricky, but Google Toolbar users will be able to read and write comments on any Web page with a new feature called Sidewiki.(CNET)+++

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