[TechMediaWatch] September 29: Xerox, Dell, Sina.com, Apple, Cnn, PSP, Newton, Ballmer, IBM

September 29, 2009


Xerox Buys Affiliated, Fueling Shift to Services
Business realities are changing for big technology suppliers as corporate customers depend less on products and more on services. (NYT)+++

Foreign Airlines Ahead of U.S. on Cellphone Use
Cellphones can be used on more than 15,000 flights a month, but not on American carriers. (NYT)+++

Sina.com Pulls Out of Deal After Delay
The Internet portal’s proposed deal to buy a stake in Focus Media, a digital media company, has waited months for government approval.(NYT)+++

Apple Rehires a Developer of Its Newton Tablet
Michael Tchao, one of the key figures behind Apple’s Newton tablet computer, has returned to the company after 15 years.(NYT)+++

LogMeIn Links to PCs – and Ford Trucks
LogMeIn can help people get their PCs, phones and other devices to talk with each other. But some of what LogMeIn is doing seems downright bizarre.(NYT)+++

Beware, Humans. The Era of Automation Software Has Begun
Hewlett-Packard is leading the charge to remove human error from data centers by removing humans. It’s time for software to do more of the dirty work.(NYT)+++

Ballmer Criticizes I.B.M.’s High-Profit Diet
Microsoft’s chief executive takes I.B.M. to task for spending the last decade selling off hardware businesses.(NYT)+++

Warner, YouTube Near Video Deal
Warner Music is close to an agreement with YouTube that would return its video clips to the site after a nine-month licensing dispute. (WSJ)+++

Dell to Change Governance Policies
Dell agreed to initiate corporate governance policies and keep them in place for four years as part of a tentative settlement of a shareholder lawsuit.(WSJ)+++

FairPoint Considers Bankruptcy Filing
FairPoint is talking to creditors about restructuring debts stemming from a Verizon landlines acquisition.(WSJ)+++

Japanese Chip Makers Regain Momentum
The recent recovery in electronics demand and chip prices is helping Japanese semiconductor companies regain momentum.(WSJ)+++

Bypassing the mailbox
The city of San Francisco recently sent its first letter to residents using Zumbox, a secure service that allows senders to contact people online using their street address.(SFC)+++

SS doesn’t mean screen saver
Columnist David Einstein answers your questions on computers and technology. Today: deleting a screen saver with World War II images, including Nazis.(SFC)+++

Xerox to expand tech services
Xerox Corp. is buying Affiliated Computer Services Inc. for about $6.4 billion in cash and stock. (SFC)+++

CNN’s new iPhone app takes mobile news to the next level
An exception among the generally innovation-averse old-media crowd, CNN has often shown that it is not afraid to embrace new technologies or, when necessary, to invent some its own. (LAT)+++

Wolverton: Location tracking on cell phones raises privacy concerns
All new cell phones can track a person’s geographic location.(SV)+++

HP-Intel dealings laid bare in European report
Memos accuse Intel of heavy-handed tactics; company denies it.

IBM’s 35 atoms and the rise of nanotech
Don Eigler moved a single atom two decades ago. Since then, he and IBM have taken new steps in pursuing a dream of compact, power-efficient computing. (CNET)+++

PSP Go: All digital, but incomplete

CNET editors give their first hands-on impressions of the PSP Go, but its real test comes Oct. 1, when Sony updates the online PlayStation Store. (CNET)+++

Wireless recharging comes to laptops
Not known for being out in front of the market, the PC maker adds some flair to an otherwise buttoned-up business laptop.(CNET)+++

Google Docs rolls out student-oriented features
Summer interns release a variety of student-oriented features, including an equation editor, superscripts/subscripts, document translation, and a few other improvements.(CNET)+++

Newegg announces IPO, plans for expansion
Online electronics retailer Newegg is launching an initial public offering estimated at $175 million, according to a filing with the SEC.(CNET)+++

Google, bank resolve issue over misfired e-mail
Google and Rocky Mountain Bank ask court to dismiss a case that stemmed from the bank inadvertently e-mailing customer data to a random Gmail address.(CNET)+++

Intel to rev up Atom development
The chipmaker plans to accelerate development (and speed) of its Atom processor, used prominently in Netbooks, according to executive vice president Sean Maloney.(CNET)+++

Study: Social-media junkies use e-mail more
Nielsen finds that the more users engage in social-media activities, the more likely they are to use their e-mail programs. The company plans to study it more to add more variables.(CNET)+++

Apple taps second iPhone partner in U.K.
The carrier Orange later this year will begin offering the iPhone in Britain, marking the end of exclusivity for O2, which also now has a deal to sell the Pre.(CNET)+++

Xerox buys ACS for $6.4 billion
The acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services transforms Xerox into a services company that can focus on business process management and outsourcing.(CNET)+++

Will Intel and USB make fiber optics mainstream?
The powerful chipmaker hopes its Light Peak project will bring fiber-optic speeds to ordinary computer users, and USB is the logical path to get there.(CNET)+++

Google adjusts to life with trustbusters
In less time than it takes for some government investigations, the search company has gone from start-up to accused menacer of Internet competition. Fair or not, this is Google 2.0.(CNET)+++

Truckers insist on keeping computers in the cab
The industry says computers that connect drivers to dispatchers can be used safely and should be exempt from legislation.(CNET)+++

Apple App Store hits 2 billion downloads
In the little more than a year since the App Store’s launch, users of the iPhone and iPod Touch have been very busy tricking out their gadgets.(CNET)+++

Twitter co-founder Dorsey invests in Foursquare
The ex-CEO and current chairman is one of the start-up’s undisclosed angel investors, sources tell CNET News. (CNET)+++

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