XO-3 Tablet: Yet another OLPC concept

December 23, 2009

OLPC XO-3 concept tablet

The OLPC project has a new concept called the XO-3 tablet. Designed by a certain Yves Behar, this concept gadget looks to good to be true.

The XO-3 features a back camera, induction charging, 8GHz processor, and a spacious 8.5×11-inch touchscreen. Of course, this is just a concept so we won’t be hearing anything about a release date or pricing.


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  1. [...] OLPC项目中有一个称之为XO-3掌上电脑的新概念。它是有一位Yves Behar设计,这个概念看上去不错,而且还很贴近实际。 XO-3装有一个背面照相机,接触式充电,8GHz处理器,以及一个超大的8.5×11英寸的触摸屏。当然,这只是一个概念,所以我们对于上市日期和价格还不得而知。 [...]

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