Copy video URL at current time on YouTube now possible

December 3, 2010

YouTube - Copy video URL at current time

I only found out about this feature but you can pause a video on YouTube, right-click, and then copy video URL at current time to send or share with friends. The video’s exact timeline is shared with just a simple addition to the URL.

I tried getting the 39-second part of this Tron Trailer HD video but when I opened the link on another browser, the whole video still played. What could I be doing wrong?

The new right-click function on YouTube shows other commands such as:

  • Copy video URL
  • Copy video URL at current time
  • Copy embed html
  • Report playback issue
  • Take speed test
  • Stop download
  • Show video info
  • Copy debug info
  • Settings
  • Global settings
  • About Adobe Flash Player 10
  • [Link]

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    1. Jannich says:

      I really think that Sony needs to get their ass together, if they want to maintain their consumers!

    2. KS says:

      I have the same problem. Wish I knew.

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