Audi Electric Bike looks great but only a concept

June 29, 2011

Audi Electric Bike

I firmly believe that electric bikes will be a big part of the future. Like electric vehicles, such bikes also deserve to be well-designed. Designer Arash Karimi must know what he is doing as his Audi Electric Bike is not just eco-efficient because of the electric engine and battery pack, it also looks sleek and stylish with its minimalistic design.

This isn’t an official product from Audi but who knows, the car manufacturer might just notice this.

The fixed-gear bike’s battery pack is embedded in the body while the electric engine is housed in the rear wheel frame.

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  1. Fixies says:

    No one has mentioned this yet but doesn’t it look like its going to be a bit heavy to carry up the stairs to your apartment? Olympic weightlifters only!

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