Copygram copies your Instagram photos

July 12, 2011


If you’re an iPhone user then you must know what Instagram is. The free iPhone app spurred the interest of many especially those who are into lomography. The app allows one the share fun and artistic photos for the whole world to see. It has since resulted to other companies coming up with their IG-related apps. We’ve seen the Webstagram and the Honeygram both functioning as a web Instagram photo viewer and an Android viewer.

The newest tool is the Copygram that lets an Instagram user download all this photos from his IG account. I immediately tried this and it worked without any problems. I now have a copy of all the Instagram photos. The challenge now is for me to print and make an artistic photo wall as a weekend project.

Copygram simply asks for your Instagram ID and e-mail address. After a while, Copygram sends a link to a zip file containing all your photos available for download. Archive is saved by Copygram for one hour only and then will be deleted.


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