More Adults Have Smartphones Than Have A Degree in the US

July 12, 2011

A report from Pew Internet Project released Monday says that more Americans own smartphones that hold bachelor’s degrees or even speak a second language in their homes. Done through a telephone survey, 83% of the respondents said they owned a mobile phone and 35% of the 2,277 U.S. adults questioned in English and Spanish answered that they owned a smartphone. While wealthy, educated and young respondents all had smartphones, African-Americans and Latinos in the survey were also more likely to own smartphones than Whites. Nine out of 10 of these smartphone owners use their phones as Internet portals and about 78% of them use it everyday; nearly 1/3 use this as their primary Internet connection. Here’s an interesting word cloud created by Pew which compiles respondents’ feelings toward their cellphones:

via via Mashable and Pew Internet Project

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