Prototype eyeglasses are bionic, able to display information anytime

July 7, 2011

Prototype glasses Bionic Glasses

I’ve always imagined something like this: a pair of eyeglasses that display information about anyone or any item you see. You know, those kinds that you see in the movies or what robots usually have. I never expected such will come in this day and age and they will only be a reality in the future when robots and androids roam the earth.

Okay, bionic glasses are still far from being fulfilled but researchers at Oxford came up with glasses with sensors and cameras that can display information and capture images for the wearer .

The eyeglasses are currently on display at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Features include frames with cameras on the edges and lights for the lenses. People with poor vision can benefit from the eyeglasses because they provide a simplified view of the surroundings. To achieve this, a number of technologies have been combined: face detection, depth sensors, position detectors, and tracking software among other. If you may notice, these are what we usually find in computers, gaming devices, and handsets.

Eyeglasses are still clear and would look like any ordinary pair out there. The pair though works with a mini computer. The team suggests that in the future, a lot of information will be shared and the eyeglasses will have more functions like read newspaper headlines, read bar codes, and more.

Eyeglasses may be priced at around $800 (£500). Prototypes are currently being developed. We have no idea when is the team’s target date.

I’d better start saving up. I need something like this.

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