South Korea to digitize all school text books by 2015

July 5, 2011

South Korea to digitize all school text books by 2015

Children of the future may never get to see a real book. That is, if digital books will soon become the more common form of reading materials. You see, more publishers are going digital. Others think this is a better idea because no paper is ever wasted again. Some still think that reading a traditional book is still the best.

In South Korea though, the government is pushing for the former: all books be digitized. Paper books should be converted to digital books by 2015 so this means tablets will be provided for all students. The government plans on shelling out $2 billion to create these digital books for a real paperless educational system. Other school materials will also be available though a cloud-based system allowing the students to access most of their school school even when at home or just about from anywhere.

This effort can also be considered as ‘going green’ but I see this as more of ‘going digital’.

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