Apple iPhone 5 to get into the iCloud

August 13, 2011

iPhone 5 iCloud

The latest iPhone 5 rumor is that it could utilize the now popular cloud technology. Apple’s iCloud might come to the next-generation to make it cheaper since Apple wants to tap more of the smartphone market. With the iCloud, the cost of the iPhone could be more affordable now by many.

A budget-friendly iPhone could be the bomb. I know a lot of friends who would like to get an iPhone but it’s just too expensive. The iPhone 3GS, the two-year old Apple phone, is currently the most affordable iPhone but it still works fine. Both the hardware and the mobile OS still work better than the latest smartphone models coming out these days.

An iCloud iPhone seems interesting but that could also mean Apple would have to lower the other specifications. It’s either Apple will resort to iCloud or strip down a few parts here and there.

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