Playstation Vita: Release date Pushed to March 30, 2012…Sucks

August 11, 2011

Sony PS Vita Coming 30th March 2012

Game lovers all over the world, including myself are excitedly awaiting the releae of the brand new PlayStation Vita, which promises to take game play to a whole other level. It is the last form to be released of the PSP2 (also called NGP).

What contributes to my excitement with this game console is the features it has. Every time I think about it I get an excited giddy feeling in my head and a grin on my face. There has never been any portable game system quite like it, with a OLED screen, WiFi, 3G, a motion sensor and a multitouch screen in the fron and a rear mutlitouch pad in the back! Gaming pleasure will be increased 10 fold.

However, I think they are taking too long to release this glossy piece of tech wizardry to us. It is said that the PS Vita will be released on March 30, 2012.

Though initially it was thought to be December of this  year. I will be sure to check myself into an Asylum so that they can fit me with my straight-jacket . I can already tell that waiting for this PlayStation console is going to drive me crazy.


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