Refurbished first-gen Apple iPad now $299

August 23, 2011

Apple iPad 1

Sure, tablets may be more popular this year what with the numerous models coming out lately, a lot of people have still not jumped into the bandwagon like they did with the netbook. The iPad is still on top of the game but others still find it expensive. The $499 price tag of the base model is still high as compared to those from other brands.

What to do when you can’t afford a gadget you want? Wait for the price to drop. No, it may not be like something rapid as what the HP TouchPad had before the company’s announcement that they will be discontinuing the webOS. You just need to wait for listings or refurbished ones to appear. Like the iPad, a refurbished 16GB model is now available for only $299. This isn’t the latest version though, it’s just for the first-gen iPad 1.

Apple Store lists refurbished iPad for $299.

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