Adios A-MeeGo: Intel to Discontinue Development of MeeGo OS

September 6, 2011

Digitimes reports that Intel plans to discontinue development for its MeeGo operating system due to ‘a lack of enthusiasm’ for the platform. Instead, the report says Intel will divert its attention to ‘handset platforms to be paired with either Android or Windows Phone in 2012″. Nokia and Intel first initiated the MeeGo effort back in March 2010 but the Finnish company recently shifted to developing new devices for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. And of course the other major players are opting for the more robust Android platform, leaving MeeGo alone in the dark. Well, if no one wants MeeGo in their products, then it just makes sense to just cut the cord. Adios, MeeGo!

via DigiTimes

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