Angry Birds Soaring to New Heights

September 14, 2011

angry birds

We all know that the now extremely popular game Angry Birds is highly addictive and many of us try to hide the fact that we are madly in love with shooting those birds at the horrible green grunting pigs. But do you know just how popular the game actually is?  You are about to find out.

According to Rovio the game has been downloaded over 350 million times and is played on mobile phones over 300 million minutes  for each day overall. Keep in mind that Angry Birds is no longer exclusive to mobile play. The funny pig slinging game has now branched off to the internet where you can also have a go at breaking down the pigs’ clever structures.

Also if you want to take a break from playing the game and just watch the pigs egg steeling bouts go sour for them, then you can go on YouTube and watch the sweet birds get angry and unleash their wrath on the pigs or just being their birdy little selves. These videos are short yet very hilarious and true to the Angry Bird characters while only helping to get us even more addicted to the game.

Needless to say which such a successful game, the franchise has to be built and their T-shirts and plush toys are going like hot bread! To be more precise around 1 million sold per each month and to make Rovio even more successful they have sought funding that will value their business at 1.2 BILLION dollars. They also have the intention of of opening about 200 merchant stores in China. Who would have ever thought that a bunch of feet less angry birds could go that far?


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