Download IE 9, Get free gifts

November 14, 2011

Microsoft IE9

I don’t remember the last time I used Internet Explorer. I don’t even know what version that was. It’s still being used by some but we all know that most prefer either Firefox or Chrome. I, for one, use the two everyday for work because of the features, security, and speed. (Well yes, I don’t use a Windows computer, I use a Mac so obviously there’s no IE 9.) But what do you know, Microsoft is still determined to get Windows users to use the Internet Explorer 9 by offering freebies.

Microsoft wants Windows users to install Internet Explorer 9. As a prize reward bribe gift, the software giant is giving discounts on tickets and free subscriptions to streaming sites among others.

Thank you Microsoft but why do you think this gimmick will make people use your web browser? It will make them download yes, but use, I don’t think so.

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