HP offers webOS to open source community

December 12, 2011

HP offers webOS to open source community

We were left hanging as to what will happen with the discontinued webOS division. Last Friday, HP finally made a decision and announced that the webOS will be offered as an open source. This means that more developers will be able to work on the platform, hoping to improve for wider distribution and to maximize its potential.

I believe that the webOS platform is one powerful operating system but it does not have much support from the developer and open source community. HP is making the right step in offering the webOS to the open source geeks. With this, more applications and services exclusive to webOS are expected to be developed.

As shared by HP, the webOS offers many advantages including easy development of apps, multiplatform portability thanks to a single integrated stack, plus a single web-centric platform allowing it to run on different mobile devices.

HP President and CEO Meg Whitman shared:

“webOS is the only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile, cloud-connected and scalable. By contributing this innovation, HP unleashes the creativity of the open source community to advance a new generation of applications and devices.”


HP is also sharing these operating principles:

  • The goal of the project is to accelerate the open development of the webOS platform
  • HP will be an active participant and investor in the project
  • Good, transparent and inclusive governance to avoid fragmentation
  • Software will be provided as a pure open source project

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