Earth Blocks: A grown-up man’s real LEGO blocks

February 9, 2012

LEGO Earth Blocks

I just bought a bucket of Duplo blocks for my toddler. A few years from now, I’ll introduce him to LEGO. It’s not that I’m starting him to be geeky like me. I only want to cultivate creativity. Who knows, he’ll be a famous architect someday.

For the adult architects who grew up playing with the mini building blocks, there are Earth Blocks to play with. Earth blocks comprise a new building block system introduced in Japan.

The new construction blocks are made from cedar tree bark, sawn cedar logs, polypropylene, and coffee beans combined together. They’re eco-friendly materials from Japan which are sold per set of 50 pieces. One piece of an earth block measures 1 1/4 inches long x 5/8 inches wide x 5/8 inches high. One set of Earth Blocks is priced at $30.

earth blocks structure
earth blocks structure
earth blocks structure

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