Pinterest unveils NOPIN Code

February 22, 2012

Pinterest NOPIN Code

I’ve discovered another time sucker: Pinterest. And before I get addicted to it like I was with Facebook, I’m regulating my use of the new social network to just checking my account twice a day on the phone not desktop.

It’s a great website that shows off things you like and want but there’s an issue that Pinterest allows people to “steal” materials, especially the copyrighted ones, and pin them to their boards.

Pinterest was fast enough to answer the issue by releasing a NOPIN code that will block the users from pinning images from other websites.

The blocking will be done by the website others as the NOPIN code is to be added to the website’s metatags.

The tag “” will then inform the Pinterest user that pinning is not allowed when he makes an attempt to.

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  1. Wow,now i can stop my content to be pinned.Great,thanks for info :)

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