Descriptive Camera Describes Images But Doesn’t Show Them…

April 26, 2012

Is a camera that doesn’t take pictures and spits out text instead still a camera?! What if it describes the picture taken. We are guessing that in some twisted way it could be called Such. After all it does capture an image..just in words.

The Descriptive Camera was created by Matt Richardson for a Computational Cameras class in New York University‘s Interactive Telecommunications Program. It is a prototype and really works by sending the actual image to Amazon’s Mechanical’s Turk’s where we’re assuming they have formulated a question sheet for them to fill out, after which the information is organised and sent right back to the camera’s Beaglebone(tiny Linux computer) where it is then printed out for the user..All of this takes from 3 to 6 minutes to be completed. Not terrible.

People have said to Mr. Richardson that the camera would come in very handy for the visually impaired and we thoroughly agree. If he finds a way to apply Braille to the printed image descriptions, then it could be a  technological breakthrough that the visually impaired would be very ecstatic about. (LINK)

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