Garmin and Suzuki Partner in In-Dash Infotainment System

April 2, 2012

In-car infortainment systems are gaining in popularity and the latest to come out into the open is Suzuki and Garmin with a partnership for it’s first factory-installed infortainment system. The rig includes a 6.1 inch high resolution screen, a CD player and AM/FM radio, internal flash memory, USB and AUX jack and Bluetooth connectivity. It also includes a voice-enabled system and a backup camera support, features we’ve previously seen in Ford and BMW units. Other features include Pandora integration, and an SD card slot for future updates.

This infotainment-system will be available to most American 2013 Suzuki models, along with a few units sold in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Russia and will be first displayed at Suzuki’s Booth at the New York AUto Show booth next week.


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