Intel 330 SSD Leak Hints at a Bargain Pricetag of $149

April 3, 2012


Oh SSDs -  ultra fast boots, quick file transfers, fast program loading and no spinning parts and a very, expensive price tag. That’s why when leaks like this come out, we just can’t help but notice. A number of online retailers have listed the new Intel 330 SSD over the weekend, far too early than its intended public debut. And the good news is, this SATAIII 6Gbps, 500MB/s/450MB/s read-write-speed SSD harddrive is listed at only $149 for the 120GB variant. If this is actually the retail price, the Intel 330 SSD is $40 cheaper than it’s Sandisk counterpart, and $60 cheaper than the older Intel 320. Now that’s a good sign for those who are just waiting for SSD prices to tip at a more affordable price-per-gigabyte pricepoint. via

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