[Light+Building] Color-fast: LEDs now for shop lighting

April 20, 2012

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Lighting is not only a big subject for the street or the desk. In the textile and food trade, which swallows around 50 per cent of energy requirements for lighting, LED shop lighting could in the next years become a cost reduction fad.

“In the ideal case, light keeps customers longer and stimulates their purchasing behavior”, says Claudia Robert, who evaluates the newest shop lighting research for the EHI Retail Institute. However, the scientist was not the only lecturer at the event organized by the branch associations ZVEI and BTE at this year’s Light+Building.

The first, freshly shining experience from shop lighting with LED was needed. Martin Heinzmann, from the Hagemeyer fashion house in Minden, was able to supply it. “Before our changeover to LED, we really heated with our shop lighting”, the operating director with responsibility for organization and personnel says. But only in 2009 was a new heating and cooling system for the 8,500 square meter sales area under discussion. And in the following year, the record summer of 2010, as staff “sweated non-stop” in temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius.

The solution was provided by D&L Light Planning and Philips, who developed LED lighting for the fashion shop. Fittings in the ceiling already existed, with the lighting not requiring any external cooling system. Hagemeyer has since made savings of one million kilowatt hours and a reduction of 600,000kg in CO2 emissions. Together with the development of environmentally friendly retail trade courtesy of the KFW Bank, the 1.9 million euro investment was justified.

Everybody is pleased with the LED light. According to Martin Heinzmann, staff regard it as being “feel-good lighting” with “better color reproduction”. Thanks to the new energy consumption of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, the investment in lighting will have been nullified in three years. The director says that product fading “will no longer occur”.

To conclude, Torsten Stösser, manager for sales and marketing at Zumtobel, gave a speech on the color reproduction of LEDs. Overall, the presentation event stirred much interest amongst the 30 or more visitors. No wonder, as lighting is amongst the biggest energy costs that the retail trade can reduce.

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