Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive: Most expensive flash drive in the world

April 18, 2012

Shawish USB Flash Drive

Diamonds are forever. Anything studded with diamond is sure to capture the attention of many. This may not be a first of its kind but the Magic Mushroom 32GB flash drive by Shawish spells total luxury. It’s currently the most expensive with a $36,900 price tag.

The Magic Mushroom Collection includes three USB flashdrives: diamond version weighing weigh 9.18 carats in total, the rubies with 11.34 carats, and the sapphires weighing 11.34 carats. Prices are $36,900, $24,400, and $16,500, respectively.

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  1. Francis Nico Gabay says:

    lol at this price point it should come with a lifetime of free unlimited cloud storage

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