Sony SmartWatch works with Android phones

April 10, 2012

sony smartwatch

The Sony Smartwatch could have taken the iPod Nano idea but this one is an Android version. Perhaps it was designed to rival Apple’s(?) but this one is more of a “smart watch” that can work with an Android smartphone.

First and foremost, it’s a watch (not an audio player like the Nano). It works with Sony Xperia phones and some handsets from Samsung, HTC, and Motorola running Android OS. Like similar accessories, the Sony Smartwatch can accept and reject calls, access social sites, play music and movies, and mute the microphone via Bluetooth connectivity. Features include a 1.3-inch multitouch OLED screen, 128 x 128 pixel resolution, 65k colors, a black swappable wirstband, and a $150 price tag. Item is currently available on Amazon.

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