PC Game Control With Trackball. Cool Idea!

May 30, 2012

The mouse is one of the easiest computer accessories to use. To move up simple roll up, to move down simply roll down, to move to the left simply roll to the left and, you get my point. So we think it’s brilliant that  Peter Von Buskirk has come up with a concept that merges the convenience of a mouse with  a game controller for a smooth sailing PC gaming experience.

How he has done this is by replacing the regular “gear stick” direction control with a easy to use trackball. This design may take some getting used to initially. But we think would pay off once comfort with the controller has been achieved.

The concept it over at Kickstarter waiting to become a reality and no longer a concept. We hope all goes well. So far They have 35 days to go with only $4, 398 of the $125, 000 goal they need to achieve.


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