Smallest Work Space Ever, But Still Super “Cute”!

May 17, 2012

Here is a design that will make the regular office cubicle look like an entire building. Yet for some reason we cant be mad at it, with it’s tiny space and cute flaps.


This creation that should be dubbed the most tiny office ever created, but instead is called Kororodesku, was created by Torafu architects in Japan. It was made out of plywood and is avaialable in may different colours,Allowing the owner to add a personal touch.

Inside the very small cubicle is a small, simple shaded lamp, a hole in the top for a flower pot, two flaps to hold whatever you can come up with(the most cliche being coffee and paper clips) on the sides of the Kororodesku and most classic of all; a window. How cute. (LINK)

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