BIA GPS Sport Watch For Women Has It All

June 27, 2012

If your a runner, cyclist or just a shopaholic that goes to unfamiliar places, a GPS watch could be with no doubt, be beneficial to you. It’s secure because your wearing it on your wrist and it’s there to your assistance if needs be. If it’s attractive that’s only a bonus.

With that said, the BIA GPS sports watch is all you could want and need plus a bonus.  It has navigation, a safety alert in the event that anyone  should try to grab you from behind or Pop up, a touch screen for easy use and pretty watch bands. That is just a few of it’s many features.

But we will never get to explore it’s design and features if it doesn’t get a kick in Kickstarter. So if you like the conept and would love to have it on your wrist one day; go over to kickstarter and give them a helping hand. Well…a helping kick.


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  1. Howdy I reckon tomtom are great. However try hard to look over a review first.

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