G155 Sentry Xbox 360 Suitcase Will Be At The E3 Gaming Exhibition This Week!

June 4, 2012

GAEMS and Microsoft have come together to create a unique product called the G155 Sentry Xbox 360 suitcase. Perfectly described as a “self-contained personal gaming and entertainment environment” by GAEMS, the Xbox suitcase allows you to have Xbox 360 gaming wherever you are.

There is not much else released about the sweet gaming pack just yet. But it will be showcased at the E3 gaming exhibition this week in Los Angeles from June 5th to 7th, along with 3 other gadgets and the top secret Project Vanguard. The name Project Vanguard in itself is highly interest peaking.

With the G155 Sentry Xbox 360 suitcase one will also be able to watch DVDs and stream media from YouTube, Netflix and HULU. Nice! Now you can watch those adorable puppy and kitten videos everyone goes buck crazy on the “tube” about whenever you want…


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  1. Marla Rivera says:

    I want to buy this Suitcase for my son… Were can I purchase it and for how much?

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