I want this Rip Cord Packaging Tape Concept to become a reality

June 28, 2012

RIP cord

For gadget freaks like us, I’m sure you know how exciting yet frustrating unboxing a new gadget can be. Most products nowadays are packed oh so carefully and securely that it takes time to open the box and remove whatever covering the gadget comes with.

If you’re like me whose Swiss knife always comes in handy, you’d be glad to know that the Rip Cord eliminates the need for that. Why, the Rip Cord is a packaging tape that features a string that can run down the center. Just pull the string and the tape is sliced to open the box. Whoever thought of this is genius. Why only know?

Oh wait, it’s still a concept so no idea when it will become available. I hope someone funds this project.

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