Solar Powered Cap keeps your head cool

June 11, 2012

solar cap solar powered cap

How’s summer so far? It’s been very warm this year I don’t know how to cool myself all the time. Staying inside an air-conditioned room is a must but for the times I need to go out, it’s just a pain in my skin. It’s scorching hot outside I wish I could wear a helmet with aircon, I would. But then there’s only a Solar Powered Cap that comes with a mini electric fan–no aircon.

The cap features a tiny solar panel on its top that gives power to the little fan. The fan is placed on the peak of the cap to keep your face cool, good enough not to make your nose swear.

The little fan on your face may be a bit irritating but it’s better than nothing. Solar Cap is available for only $16. Available in different colors: Blue, Black, Red, and Yellow from this Japanese shop.

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