TiVo, PayPal to bring “remote” shopping

June 13, 2012

tivo and paypal

TiVo recently partnered with PayPal to make shopaholics spend more. This is the next-generation TV shopping that allows the user to buy featured products with only the remote control. With only a few clicks, you can buy that Power Mop you’ve been wanting to have.

Seriously, this is bad news for me and the other shopaholics. It’s easier now to spend more for unnecessary things. I’m thinking the only solution is to throw away the remote or just hide it when watching TV.

But then this is a smart idea. I know a lot of couch potatoes who’d want to do their shopping at home. With this team up, TiVO and PayPal sure know how to capture the market. The idea is for advertisers to turn their ads into a purchasing link. Place a 30-second spot with a link then wait for the audience to start flicking their remotes.

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  1. netflix says:

    Wow…what happens when a 3-yr-old toddler starts clicking away? Hopefully with that remote one there’s safety features built in…think teens spend a lot on talking beyond allowed minutes or texts? Wait till they get a hold of that remote! oh my…lol

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