Concept iPhone case works double-duty as stun gun, extra battery

July 19, 2012

iphone case stun gun

I remember when my sister was off to college, our mom gave her a tear gas spray. She’s such a baby and mother wanted to make sure she would be protected. Okay, a gas spray wouldn’t be enough—a stun gun would. But then carrying a stun gun might scare your friends away. A little teasing that would leave you short-tempered might result to you electrocuting them with a stun gun.

Make it inconspicuous by getting this Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case. This special protective case features a 650k volt stun gun that also doubles as an extra battery for the iPhone.

You won’t get this one yet as it still is a pending project on IndieGogo– a Kickstarter-like website. Its designers are still raising funds to put the iPhone stun gun case into production.

Should this go public, make sure to check what your local government says about carrying stun guns. Usually, permits and licenses are needed.

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