New Wireless Transmission Tech Reach 2.56Tbps, Makes WiFi Blush with Envy

July 2, 2012

Move over 802.11ac WiFi, a new kid in town is here to kick you in the derrière. A group of scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab together with universities in Israel, US and China has generated a wireless signal which clocks in at, wait for it, wait for it, 2.56Tbps. BUt don’t get too excited, because so far the tests has only been done at a distance of 1 meter, but the scientists claim it will work at distances of up to 1km and can also be used to boost speeds in existing fiber-optic cables. Plus, there is no hardware capable of such speeds available in the market yet so at this point, we can say, 802.11ac WiFi behind is safe.




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