Nexus 7 hooks up with floppy drive

July 23, 2012

nexus 7 hacked

This one was quick: the latest Nexus 7 by Google has been hacked. This $200 tablet has just been modded by a certain c0m47053 to hook up and external USB storage. He only used the StickMount app.

The StickMount app allows any the Nexus 7 to accept and eject mass storage drives. The modder then attached a USB hub that fortunately, also accepted a mouse, keyboard, and a floppy drive. He was then able to Ultima on DOSbox with his unusual setup.

Google’s decision not to include enough storage may be solved by this simple app and hack. It’s not exactly the most high-tech because of the floppy addition but who cares when it’s only for home use and perhaps to show off (?) that you’re a geek.

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