Pianobell: Doorbell music to your ears

July 24, 2012


When we moved to this tiny apartment, it didn’t have any doorbell so I bought a wireless, battery-powered doorbell alarm system. It’s cheap so sometimes it doesn’t work. I’m still not sold on getting an electric-powered alarm system but I want to get something that will work all the time and won’t be annoying. That or something quirky as this Pianobell. Why didn’t we think of this before? I can imagine my love, who’s a musician, playing the Pianobell to signal. You have no idea what beautiful music can be composed with only five notes.

You won’t hear any rings or ding dongs from this Pianobell…just pretty good music. Designed by a certain Li Jianye, the Pianobell is sadly a concept. I hope this becomes a reality. Go on geeks, you can make something like this. I dare you.

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