Singaporean scientists working on new eco-efficient toilet technology

July 2, 2012

flush toilet energy system

Going green can be fun but if it involves the toilet, it could be umm, not too appealing. But then some scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore know how it is to be really environment-friendly. Being wasteful is not too common in the country that is why even human waste should be converted to energy.

The scientists developed a toilet that uses only 10 percent of water as compared to others. The toilet is called the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet that makes use of vacuum technology and features two partitions: one for solids and one for liquids.

The vacuum technology reminds me of the toilets used in airplanes. This one though can turn the actual waste into electricity after undergoing a process.

Toilets will be initially installed in restrooms within the university perhaps as a test. And in three years, the scientists expects to release the toilet technology in the market.

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