[Video] AFP to use a dozen remote-controlled camera rigs for London Olympics 2012

July 30, 2012

 remote camera in london olympics

The London Olympics 2012 began over the weekend and I’m sure some of you are busy watching sports channel. News agencies like Reuters and AFP are busy covering the Summer Olympics and the numerous sports events. The challenge for these news groups is to get the best shots as possible. Reuters have robotic camera systems set up while the AFP have remote mounts.

Aerial shots before were done the traditional way with photographers on harnesses. That is obviously dangerous only the brave can do.

Francois-Xavier Marit, AFP’s chief editor of technical issues, shared:

“The Olympics Committee has warned us that, for security reasons, no photographer will be allowed on the stadium roof. We had to come up with a system of remote-controlled photography.”

And so they did come up remote-controlled camera rigs each equipped with a Nikon D4 and 16 to 400mm zoom lens. AFP worked together with Mark Roberts Motion Control and Nikon to build 12 rigs to use in London– two installed at the swimming complex and ten at the main Olympic stadium.

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