Bye, bye Zune

August 30, 2012

RIP zune22

March of last year I remember saying that Zune Media Players saying goodbye wasn’t final yet. One and a half years later, we hear that it’s nearing its last days. Sad to say, Microsoft has finally decided to put an end to the Zune brand. It won’t go a sudden death but rather a slow one. For one, Zune Pass subscribers will no longer experience the Mixview playback, channel playlist, and music video streaming after August 31.

Microsoft isn’t steering away from music completely. It’s simply launching a new service called the Xbox Music which we first heard of at the E3 2012 last June.

In a memo, Microsoft specified that these features will no longer be available:

  • Sending and receiving messages, inviting friends, sharing the songs, playlists, and albums you are listening to, and viewing past play history
  • Mixview playback and channel playlists
  • Apps for Zune HD
  • Purchasing music videos or streaming them as a part of Zune Music Pass from the Zune PC software
    Re-downloading, re-activating, or re-licensing previously purchased music videos if / when you upgrade your PC

If you’re a Zune owner, I suggest you back up your files because future updates may no longer be available.

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