[IFA 2012] Thomas Aqua Multi Clean X7 Vacuum Cleaner

August 30, 2012

 THOMAS AQUA MULTI CLEAN X7 vacuum cleaner

Berlin is busy. We’re being bombarded with new great products and we’re actually excited as to what new gadgets will be readily available for consumption. Over at IFA, we’ll see different electronics and home appliances. I think only the geeky moms and homemakers will be happy with the Multi Clean X7 Vacuum Cleaner by Thomas. It’s one of those kick-ass appliances that must be found inside a geek’s mansion.

Those with allergies can benefit from this vacuum cleaner because of its AQUA+Technologie. Aside from sucking up dust, it can also extract water and wipe floors, do air washing, and clean carpets. Simply put, it’s a Stepford Wife’s dream come true.

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