[Infographic] The Internet: One Decade Later

August 23, 2012

internet infographic

I barely remember the first time I used the Internet but I certainly remember how I was running out of things to search for in Yahoo. I would search for all the things I found interesting back then but after a while, would run out of things to do because of the limited search results. But that’s more than ten years ago. The Internet has changed a lot. It has even changed my life. I never imagined a career that would require me to explore the Internet, read and write about the stuff that interest me, and do all these while I stay at home.

It’s been five years since I decided to “retire” from corporate work and embraced this work-at-home setup. I did consultancies, Internet marketing, and now this: tech blogging. The latter so far has been the most rewarding and fun because the geek in me just won’t stop. My thirst for geeky stuff is just insatiable and TechFever allows me to search high and low for what is new, weird, and shocking in the tech world.

That’s just my story. I know a lot of people who are thankful to the Internet not just because it allows them to communicate, connect, and learn. The Internet also allowed them to advance their careers, further their campaigns, and earn millions to billions!

The Internet is here to stay. Ten years ago, it was different…struggling. Ten years later, here we are now. And another ten years from now, the Internet will be more life-changing.

This inforgraphic shared to us by DVICE, created by www.bestedsites.com is an interesting look at THE INTERNET.

(Click image above for larger view.)

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