Instacart: Grocery delivery via mobile app now possible in SFO

August 9, 2012

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Millions of people can’t live without the Internet. It still has disadvantages but the benefits are just too many. One thing is certain though, it makes our lives easier. Thanks to the Internet for making a lot of things possible such as this online grocery shopping by a company called Instacart. The service features a smartphone app that allows the user to buy groceries through the mobile app and have them delivered for a fee($4 for a 3-hour delivery and $10 for one-hour delivery.

I’ve been wanting something like this but I’m not certain if grocery stores are ready for this idea. At present, those who live in San Francisco, Mountain View, and Palo Alto can try and enjoy the service.

The Instacart express requires a $99 annual subscription fee but 3-hour delivery is free. This can be likened to Amazon’s Prime service.

The company hopes to roll out the service in other cities as well.


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