L2012 Pool Camera is London Olympics’ underwater photog

August 6, 2012

l2012 pool game twitter camera

The London Olympics 2012 is in full swing but the geek in me is only inserted in how it’s hi-tech this year. So far, we it gave birth to the Wireless London project, 3D camera coverage, Best of Britain Android App, NBC live streaming the event, and AFP using a dozen of remote-controlled camera rigs.

The recent info we heard is of the L2012 Pool Camera–an underwater camera installed at the bottom of the pool– and then tweets the photos for the whole world to see. It even has its own Twitter account : @L2012PoolCamera.

I match the world’s best swimmers, stroke for stroke. They speed along on top. I race along the bottom, for #GettyImages, always looking up – and always wet.

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  1. Steve John says:

    Nice Technology but I dont think It is a new Gadget which has Underwater Shooting Enabled..it would be new if as u said if it Automatically Tweets every click or shoot..which would be a real blast for Camera’s getting social.

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