Microsoft wants Surface at $199?

August 16, 2012

microsoft surface tablet

Rumor has it that Microsoft wants to sell the Windows RT-based Surface tablet for only $199. It’s such an affordable price which might result a huge change in the tablet market. Microsoft plans on capturing at least 30 percent market share during the first few weeks of the Surface and a cheap price might be the answer. But then if this is true, then other tablet manufacturers like Lenovo, Asustek Computer, Acer, Samsung, and Dell could be in danger of being out of the tablet business.

Notebook sales could be affected too. Why, even Microsoft admitted that notebook sales were affected by the release of tablets PC as people favor the latter now.The challenge now among companies is how to make their tablets affordable, user-friendly, fast, and efficient.

Microsoft is aware that release of the Surface might affect partnership with some OEMs so we’ll see about that.

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