Star Wars Nursery: May the force be with this baby

August 6, 2012

star wars nursery

I know that Star Wars geeks who became dads couldn’t wait to transfer their geekiness to their kids. Remember the Star Trek Baby Spoon we featured last year?

If you’re serious with bringing your baby to the Dark Side, you may start with giving him a Star Wars nursery.

star wars nursery


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  1. Melody McBroom says:

    Star wars or ASCII, it does not matter … your children are very lucky to have parents that are passionate about something and are teaching their kids to be interested in something that is culturally literate.

    Star Wars or Muppets, it does not matter as long as there is love in the home. Geek children are lucky, at least when they are teens and rebel, they know what their parents stand for and they will return to the Geeks, and love them. May the force be with you.

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