[Video] GE and Urban Green Energy set up Sanya Skypumps

August 14, 2012

GE and Urban Green Energy set up

If you decide to go green, you’d have to be familiar with the ‘green’ lingo or at least only those things that matter. Buying an eco-efficient car would make you love EV charging stations.

Urban Green Energy and GE recently opened a wind-powered EV charging station in Barcelona, Spain. Government and corporate drivers will be benefiting from this electric vehicle charging station being one of the best providers of high-voltage charging.

Also known as the Sanya Skypumps, the company plans to install more of this integrated system in more locations like universities and shopping malls in Australia and the US.

CEO of UGE, Nick Blitterswyk shared:

“Since launching the Sanya Skypump, we have received inquiries from companies around the world that are looking to embrace sustainability. The Sanya Skypump is one of those rare products that enable institutions to demonstrate their commitment to the environment while providing a really useful service as well.”

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